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Edmonton Oilers jerseys throughout history


The Edmonton Oilers have a long and proud history as a team. Their jerseys themselves have a proud history, spanning over 3 decades and 10 changes from the original jerseys in 1979. Throughout that time, the Edmonton Oilers jerseys have been worn by many great players including the one and only Wayne Gretzky who had his own impact on the Edmonton Oilers jersey design as we will find out in the Edmonton Oilers Jersey History presented by Edmonton Oilers Jerseys dot com.

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Original Edmonton Oilers Jerseys


Edmonton Oilers Jersey The inaugural Edmonton Oilers jerseys were introduced in 1979. With vibrant blue and orange colours, the team was looking sharp! The team was blessed with the lengendary talents of Mr. Wayne Gretzky who would bring the Edmonton Oilers into the spotlight with his record setting accomplishments in the NHL. The logo on the jerseys depicts a drop of oil representating of the oil miners of Edmonton who originally made up the Alberta Oilers before they became an NHL team.







1980-1981 Edmonton Oilers Jerseys

1980 - 1981 Edmonton Oilers JerseyIn 1980 came a very slight change in the Edmonton Oilers jerseys. You might not notice any changes at all from looking at them, but the numbers where elongated and the logo in the bottom left corner changed to match the new manufacturer of the Edmonton Oilers jerseys, reading "Sandow SK". Wayne Gretzky had only begun his influence on NHL history setting the record for most assists and most points.






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1981-1994 Edmonton Oilers Jerseys

1981 - 1994 Edmonton Oilers Jersey Wayne GretzkyThe Edmonton Oilers jeseys changed once again in 1981, altering the colour of the orange and making slight changes to the thickness of the stripes on the jerseys as well. Wayne Gretzky continued his domination in the league setting an all time record for most goals in a season in 1981-1982. Gretzky liked to tuck the right side of his jersey into his pants which prompted another change in the jerseys; they added a second logo on the oposite side of all of his jerseys to ensure the logo was still visible on one side.




1995-1996 Edmonton Oilers Jerseys

1995 - 1996 Edmonton Oilers JerseysIn 1995, the jerseys changed once again with the colour changing slightly and the outline of the numbers as well. The stripes on the pants are removed. By this time, Wayne Gretzky has been traded to the Los Angeles Kings in a monumenal deal that would henceforth be known as the worst trade in sports history. Gretzky received a nice salary and was offered a 10% stake in the Kings as part of the deal. The Edmonton Oilers however, struggled as a team post Gretzky.



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1996-1997 Edmonton Oilers Jerseys

1996- 1997 Edmonto Oilers JerseysIn 1996 the Edmonton Oilers made a huge change to their jerseys removing the bright blue and orange in favour of a darker blue as the primary colour. For the first time in 5 years, the Edmonton Oilers make the playoffs once again giving hope to frustrated fans, possibly due to the new design of jerseys some say.



1996 - 1997 Edmonton Oilers Jerseys






The 1997-2001 Edmonton Oilers Jerseys

1997 - 2001 Edmonton Oilers JerseyThe only change in these 1997 Edmonton Oilers jerseys was the removal of the blue trim along the top of the back of the jerseys. This design would remain unchanged for over a decade until they are redesigned once again in 2008.





The 2001-2007 Edmonton Oilers Third Jerseys

2001 - 2007 Edmonton Oilers Third JerseysIn 2001, the Edmonton Oilers rolled out their brand new design for a third jersey depicting a metalic meteor-like oil drop on the jerseys. The gear-looking rivets on the crest represent the 5 stanley cups the Edmonton Oilers had won to date, 4/5 of which the team had Wayne Gretzky.





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The 2007-2008 Edmonton Oilers Jerseys

2007 - 2008 Edmonton Oilers Jersey2007 - 2008 Edmonton Oilers JerseyIn 2007 the Edmonton Oilers followed the trend of the league and implemented the new Reebok Edge jerseys. The style of the new jerseys was very similar with the slight change of the sleeve stripes becoming thicker and only shown part way across the sleeves.








The 2008-2011 Edmonton Oilers Third Jerseys

2008 - 2011 Edmonton Oilers JerseysThe league encouraged teams to create a new set of third jerseys and the Edmonton Oilers rolled out their design paying homage to the original Oilers jerseys with these bright orange and blue jerseys. Here we can see players modelling their jerseys proudly.






The 2011-2012 Edmonton Oilers Jerseys

2011 - 2012 Edmonton Oilers JerseyThese 2011 to 2012 Edmonton Oilers jerseys are exactly the same as the year before except for another change in brand logos, showing a Reebok logo on the back of the collar in lui of the old logo.







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The 2013-Present Edmonton Oilers Jerseys

2013 - present edmonton Oilers Jersey 2013 - present edmonton oilers jerseyThe Edmonton Oilers finally ditch the navy blue jerseys and go back to the basics using the orange and blue jerseys as their home jerseys and the white jerseys for away games. This completes the cycle of the Edmonton Oilers fashion history and gives meaning to the notion that fashion is cyclical.





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Edmonton Oilers Jersey Wayne Gretzky 19791980 - 1981 Edmonton Oilers Jersey1981 - 1994 Edmonton Oilers Jersey Wayne Gretzky1995 - 1996 Edmonton Oilers Jerseys1996- 1997 Edmonto Oilers Jerseys 1997 - 2001 Edmonton Oilers Jersey 2001 - 2007 Edmonton Oilers Third Jerseys2007 - 2008 Edmonton Oilers Jersey2008 - 2011 Edmonton Oilers Jerseys 2011 - 2012 Edmonton Oilers Jersey2013 - present edmonton Oilers Jersey




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